::: When we go to an electronic-music show, whoever may be the artist, we have the intention of watching a good presentation. And if this happens we go back home happy, and later on we tell our friends that it was a very good show and they should also see it.

How to invert this logic, which is so deeply rooted in our minds that we don't even notice or are conscious that it is very frustrating and poor. What seems a great meeting between the public and the artists on stage is in fact so impersonal as people walking on the streets of a large city. That generates a feeling of frustration and incompleteness, because the people we would like to meet personally disappear behind the wings, and everybody, sometimes thousands of people, often don't relate among themselves. They stay all inside their shells, in contact just with those they already knew; they don't exchange anything with the others.

The meeting, to be complete, presupposes a two-way relationship, a mutual relationship that happens through the interaction of those who meet. Without interaction there is no exchange, no meeting. In that sense, we have thought "Hypersonica Meeting" as an event of electronic sonority that doesn't want to be just the presentation of a spectacle, but an experimental event where several dynamics may happen, so that people may interact: 1) with other people who are there; 2) with the event's production; 3) with the artists' work.

At the meeting, people will be able to know closely the artists' instruments, how they were made, how they work, besides being able to show their own propositions.

If someone has a proposition, or has invented something, such as a new beat, a new song, a new instrument or even a new concept, they can take those works recorded in a CD or a DVD and give them to the "Hypersonica Meeting" team. There will also be a space where people can make statements, express their ideas, propose new concepts. All of that will be recorded through a video unit, and the result will be exposed at Oi Futuro Ipanema during one month.

"Hypersonica Meeting" will happen on the evenings of April 01, 02, 03, with presentations by five artists: Euphorie (France), Panetone (Brazil), Tristan Shone (United States), Pulselooper (Brazil) and Minusbaby (United States). All of them have in common the fact that they work with electronic music, but also have invented their own instruments.

We came out of the first decade of the 21st century and we, at FILE Hypersonica, want that the events of electronic sound and electronic music, still in the patterns of the last century, have a new landscape and a new horizon compatible with our time. For such, nothing more interesting, in the present conjuncture, than having access and interacting with our societies' collective intelligence and creativity.